Are you being asked to pay more than $85 to fill your monthly prescription?
Janssen Select may be able to help.

Janssen Select is available for XARELTO®

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You may be in a gap in your insurance coverage. Janssen Select from Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is a program for patients facing affordability challenges caused by gaps in drug insurance coverage whether they have commercial or government-funded insurance.

Eligible commercial or government-insured patients will have the option to pay $85 per month (plus sales tax if applicable) outside of their insurance plans to have XARELTO® shipped directly from Wegmans Pharmacy. Program requirements apply. Terms expire at the end of each calendar year and may change. There is no income requirement. See program requirements below.

Preview the program eligibility requirements

1 You must currently have prescription drug insurance covering XARELTO®

2 You must have met an out-of-pocket cost responsibility of $200 for XARELTO® in the current calendar year

Other requirements apply. See below for details.

If you’re not eligible, please call a Janssen CarePath Care Coordinator at 888-XARELTO (888-927-3586) for information about other resources that may help with your out-of-pocket medication costs. You may also find help from the programs and resources found on This website is not subject to our privacy policy. You are encouraged to review the privacy policy of every website you visit.

Other Requirements

  • This program is currently only available through the mail-order pharmacy contracted through Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; it is not available at any other pharmacy or dispensary.

  • You must authorize each monthly refill via text or phone call from the dedicated pharmacy.

  • This program is only available for patients who are taking XARELTO® in accordance with the Prescribing Information. It is not valid for any prescription written with off-label dosing.

  • This program is not insurance and should not take the place of insurance.

  • This program offer may not be combined with any other coupon, discount, prescription savings card, free trial, or other offer. Offer good only in the United States and Puerto Rico. Void where prohibited or otherwise restricted by law. Program terms will expire at the end of each calendar year. Before the calendar year ends, you will receive information and eligibility requirements for future participation. The program is subject to change or discontinuation without notice, including in specific states.

  • The $85 monthly cost paid to this program, plus sales tax if applicable (the Cost), will not count towards your deductible or cumulative out-of-pocket spend. The Cost may not be submitted as a claim for payment to any third-party payer or pharmaceutical patient assistance foundation.

  • If you choose, you may submit the Cost to a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or a Health Savings Account (HSA). Check with your employer if the Cost may be submitted to a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA).

  • Before you enroll in the Janssen Select program, it is important you understand that you will be asked to provide personal information that may include your name, address, phone number, email address, and information related to your prescription insurance and treatment. This information will be used by the mail-order pharmacy for the program, in accordance with their privacy practices, to determine your eligibility, enroll you in the program, and administer the program. The information will also be used to learn more about the people who use the program and will be shared with companies supporting the program and your insurance provider, as required by law.

Learn how the program works

Step 1

Complete the registration form through this website or give us a call at 888-XARELTO (888-927-3586) to register.

Step 2

Wegmans Pharmacy will contact you within 1–2 business days about your eligibility.

Step 3

Save 866-889-5660 as Wegmans Pharmacy in your contacts. You will be asked to authorize refills each month either through phone or text message.

Questions about Janssen Select?

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